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We compose and compile editorial features and resources, to help parents help children find their own path through the religious core of our education system.

If you are a freethinking parent, it’s important to remember that you’re not alone. Freethinkers are less likely to express themselves publicly, but they’re there and make up roughly half the British population (*Source: NatCen).We are not here to convert those who have embraced religion, nor do we intend to be propagandists for atheism. We hope to encourage and facilitate questioning, and to provide alternatives to more freely available ‘answers’. We’re a British site and our content will be more relevant if you live in the UK. However, we hope it will be of use to all-comers.

  • Welcome to our website. Despite our name, we’re not just for atheists. We welcome everyone and value your input and interest. We”d love to hear from you. You can contact me by email, and we’re happy to take contributions in the form of messages, articles, links or simply comments which you can add at the bottom of our features.

    I am an atheist. That is my belief (or lack of).

    I respect the beliefs of others and I hope you will extend me the same courtesy. Atheist Child does not intend to be antagonistic or confrontational. There is a difference between belief and knowledge however, and whilst we will make every effort to ensure that the factual information (or knowledge) used throughout is accurate, any opinions expressed come from me, and they are intended to be of use to others like me.

    I’m not an authority on any of the subjects herein, but I am a freethinker, and I am a parent, and if you are too, then I hope that you will find the site interesting and useful, and eventually, I hope that it might help our children to keep questioning with an open mind, and help them find their own answers and their own beliefs.

    ~ The Editor


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